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Studbolts, or threaders bars/rods are commonly used to fasten pipe and flange fittings within a Shell and Tube or Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger. At HBS we can deliver studbolts according to DIN/ISO and ASTM/ASME standards. Some of the most common options:  

NormUnit of Measurement (size)
DIN 976Metric
DIN 2510LMetric
ASME B18.5.Metric/imperial

*Please contact us, if you require a deviating norm for your studbolts.  

All of our studbolts are at least EN 10204-3.1. certified and are stamped with the logo of the manufacturer and the material identification code. All of our stud bolts are European-made. All ASME stud bolts are manufactured with standard thread as per Unified Thread Standards (UTS), and can be categorized as per following table. 

Diameter size

Thread Form & Pitch


18 UNC


16 UNC


14 UNC


13 UNC


11 UNC


10 UNC




8 UN

Bigger than 1″

8 UN

Click here if you need help choosing the right material (according ASME) for the right service conditions.
Want to protect your studbolts against oxidation, corrosion or abrasion? Make sure to protect your studbolts with one of the following base or top coatings.  

See table for all possible base coats

Base coatNote 
Electro Zinc plated (Zn)Minimal against corrosion, suitable for inside. Easy torque.
Zinc-Nickel (Zn-Ni)Excellent against corrosion, suitable for outside. Easy torque.
Hot Dip Galvanized, HDG (Zn)Good against corrosion, suitable for outside. Uneasy torque.
GEOMET 500 (Zn-Al)Good against corrosion, suitable for outside. Easy torque.

See table below for all possible top coats

Top coat


ASTM B-117 Salt Spray test

Working Temperature


Xylan 1424.


Fluoropolymer Organic. Water-based.Thickness: 16µ.

*In combination with Zinc-Nickel: up to 3300 hours

-20℃ to 180℃

Xylan 1070

Fluoropolymer Organic. Solvent-based. Thickness: 16µ.


*In combination with Zinc-Nickel: up to 3900 hours

-195℃ to 260℃


Fluoropolymer. Organic. Solvent-based. High corrosion resistance, life-time easy torque control, and high durability. Thickness: 30µ.


Up to 6000 hours. Offshore test exceeding 6 years.

-196℃ to 200℃


Inorganic. Ceramic. High heat & thermal shock resistance. Life-time easy torque. Thickness: 30µ.


Up to 4000 hours.

-196℃ to 450℃


CNT (Carbon Nano Technology). High abrasion-, impact- and bending resistance. Life-time easy torque. NANOTECT film is almost as hard as metal coating.

Up to 4000 hours.

-196℃ to 240℃

If your desired material, size or coating is not listed, we will do our best to find it for you. Make sure to contact us by sending an email to or by calling +31 (0)20-698 1000.  

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