PTFE: Xylan 1070/1424

PTFE: Xylan 1070/1424
  • PTFE: Xylan 1070/1424

The HBS anti-corrosion solution

PROTECT YOUR BOLTS against corrosion and adhesive environments to extend durability and save on maintenance costs with Xylan 1070 or Xylan 1424.


SOLUTION: Protect your bolts with PTFE. Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE is an extra Teflon protection layer with an average thickness of 15-20µ which comes in several colors such as Dark Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. We use Xylan 1070 or Xylan 1424 from Whitford to get your fasteners coated with a PTFE top coat.

How are PTFE coated fasteners made?

STEP ONE: Applying a base-coat such as Phosphate, Zinc, Zinc-Nickel, Hot Dip Galvanized or Xylar 1. The base coat has an average thickness of 10-15µ (except for HDG). See the table below to determine which base coat is best suited to your situation.

Base coatCorrosion resistance base coat
PhosphateWithin 24 hours.
Electro-ZincWithin 200-300 hours.
Hot Dip GalvanizedWithin 600-700 hours
Zinc-NickelWithin: 900-1000 hours
Xylar 1Within: 1200-1300 hours


STEP TWO: Glass-shot blasting to roughen the surface of the fasteners to be coated.

STEP THREE: Having fasteners coated with PTFE Xylan 1070 or Xylan 1424 in the required color. See the table below for the top coat most suited to for your situation.

Top coatComments:ASTM B-117 Salt Spray test

Working Temperature


Xylan 1424.


Fluoropolymer Organic. Water-based. Average thickness topcoat: 16µ.*In combination with Zinc-Nickel: up to 3300 hours-20℃ to 180℃
Xylan 1070

Fluoropolymer Organic. Solvent-based. Average thickness topcoat: 16µ.


*In combination with Zinc-Nickel: up to 3900 hours-195℃ to 260℃


STEP FOUR: Heat treatment of the coated fasteners is performed.

What are the benefits of PTFE Xylan coated fasteners?

  1. Anti-Rust. In a ASTM B-117 Salt Spray test the coating remains resistant up to 3900 hours before red rust occurs.
  2. Sustainability. As we are working towards a circular economy, PTFE coated fasteners are more sustainable then regular bolts due to their longer durability.
  3. Lower maintenance costs. Longer durability of bolts does not only result in more sustainability but also lower maintenance costs.
  4. Low torque friction coefficient. Due to the TEFLON top layer, torque friction is low.
  5. Added value. Using colored bolts into the colored frame work, valve, flange or heat exchanger gives your product extra added value.

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