The most common fasteners such as bolts, nuts and washers we supply all comply with DIN Standard (Deutsches Institut für Normung). At HBS Solutions, we offer a broad range of DIN/ISO fasteners for your specific application. They are suited for any industrial application. The DIN standard is slowly being replaced by the ISO standard, which stands for International Standardization Organization. Next to that, we pride ourselves on the ability to supply even the most difficult to obtain DIN/ISO fasteners. So, whichever product you need, with any specific coating or specification, we are the right partner in supplying you with the right product. Whether you are looking for DIN 933/ISO 4017 or DIN 976 stud bolt, HBS Solutions is your preferred partner.

A wide range with many possible applications

At HBS Solutions we believe that product integrity and traceability within our industry are paramount. That is why over 95% of our product range is manufactured from European materials which are purchased from quality-assured European manufacturers. We can deliver all fasteners with 3.1, 3.2 and Mill Certificate. Here is an overview of the different DIN/ISO fasteners we can deliver:


  • DIN 931/ISO 4014
  • DIN 933/ISO 4017
  • DIN 976 (Stud Bolt)


  • DIN 934/ISO 4032


  • DIN 125
  • DIN 127
  • DIN 7603
  • DIN 6916/EN 14399-6


  • DIN 479, also available in stainless steel and abnormal sizes.

The remaining DIN products are listed in our delivery program. These products are available with a 3.1 and 3.2. certificate and Mill Certificate.

Certification by EN-10204:

2.1 Statement of Merchandise

2.2 Factory certificate

3.1 Material certificate

3.2 Material certificate (TuV)


PMI, NDE, Notch Impact, Tensile, Hardness, Proof Load

More tests on request.

Possible “requirements”:

NACE (MR0175), AD2000- W0 ,W2, W7, W10

Want more information about our products?

These fasteners, such as the DIN 934/ISO 4032 or the DIN7603, are delivered from stock in zinc plated and hot dip galvanized. All DIN/ISO kinds are also available in stainless steel A2 and A4. For more coatings or other options, please contact us by calling +31 (0)20-698 1000 or by sending an email to sales@hbssolutions.nl. We are more than happy to assist you in finding the right products for your application.

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