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Semiconductors are widely used in well-known electrical devices such as computers, phones and cameras. There is a high demand for Semiconductors. The big obstacle to using the semiconductors is preventing pollution. The requirements of production and packaging are increasingly stringent and the use of an advanced cleanroom is inevitable.

At HBS Solutions we supply various products for Semiconductors. We understand the process of Semicon and are aware of the pitfalls in this area.

Fasteners for Semicon

Due to material shortages in the Semicon industry, we supply small Allen bolts, nuts and washers. The small products are available in sizes M1 to M6. All this according to the DIN/ISO standard.


Prototypes fastening solutions Semicon

We produce these products according to the customer's drawing, also known as prototyping. (We also have the option of making the drawing for you.) By prototyping, the product is suitable to your wishes and ready for use. After the prototype has been approved, we can provide it with mass production. Due to our fast process, we aim for a delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks.

What are our fastening solutions for the Semicon industry

Small particles of dust (we are talking about nanometers) can seriously disrupt industrial processes. Because the biggest pitfalls at Semicon are in pollution, we at HBS Solutions provide a suitable solution. All parts we supply are treated properly so that they are ready to enter the cleanroom.

The parts for Semicon are often stainless steel or titanium. Stainless steel parts must undergo an EPK treatment. An EPK treatment is an (Ep) Electropolishing and (k) Kolsterising treatment. This process leaves a glossy, smooth, ultra-clean surface finish and provides ultimate hardness, improved mechanical and wear properties without loss of corrosion resistance.

Due to the EPK treatment, the bolts are relatively cleaner and stronger, so that they can be screwed in and out without more damage. After the EPK treatment, the parts are cleaned with a Grade 2 or Grade 4 and vacuum packed. This is all done so that the products are ready for the cleanroom.

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