Renewables & Hydrogen

Offshore renewable industries require long lasting and low-cost solutions.

The demand for wind energy is growing. Not only are we consuming more energy, but we must also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 95% by 2050. At present, wind energy is in terms of zero-emission the cheapest and cleanest way of generating energy. What better place than to build a wind farm? Offshore. 

We specialise in fasteners with anti-corrosion coatings for offshore wind farms. Because these wind turbines are constantly affected by corrosion, a thick anticorrosive coating layer is a must. Coating fasteners is a lot more difficult because of the screw thread. The thread quickly fills up, making fastening with a nut or in a tapped hole almost impossible.  

Our customers in this sector are often looking for a Taylor Made solution. For these customers, we think along from the engineering phase to the delivery phase. On the cases page you can see some examples of our fastening solutions.   

Besides cases in wind energy, we have also supplied fasteners with anti-corrosion coatings for hydrogen-, pharmaceutical- and battery cathode materials for PHEV/BEV plants.  


Renewables & Hydrogen
Renewables & Hydrogen

With our surface treatment options such as TAKECOAT-1000 and XYLAN1070 we can protect hex bolts and hex nuts and replace expensive high alloy options.

Our TAKECOAT-1000 option offers 6000 hours of salt spray resistance before red rust occurs.

Possibile solutions:

  1. Boltshield studbolt protection caps – protected with Bright Zinc and Xylan 1070.
  2. Hex bolts acc. DIN933/ISO4017 with Xylan 1070 or TAKECOAT-1000 protection.


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