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Xylan 1070/1424 coated fasteners in Israel

Xylan 1070/1424 protect your bolts with an extra Teflon protection layer. This will protect your bolts against adhesive environments, extending the durability and saving on maintainance costs. An advantage of the Xylan 1070/1424 is that it’s anti-rust.In the salt spray test, the coating remained resistant for up to 3900 hours before rusting occurred. Another advantage of the Xylan 1070/1424 is that it extends the lifespan of your bolts. This can save your company money because your purchasing department will have to purchase fewer new bolts.

How are PTFE coated fasteners manufactured?

PTFE-coated fasteners are manufactured by applying a primer such as phosphate or zinc. The base coat has an average thickness of 10- 15µ. We have different base coats so there is always a coat well suited to your situation in Israel. After applying the base coat, we will glass blast the surface of the fasteners to be coated to roughen them up. Finally, heat treatment of the coated fasteners will be performed.

Our product specialists will be happy to help you find the appropriate PTFE coated fasteners for your business in Israel. We take note of your needs and can provide a specialized advice. We will then ensure that the PTFE coated fasteners are delivered in Israel entirely tailored to your requirements.

What can HBS Solutions provide for you in Israel?

Are you looking for a fastener manufacturer in Israel? Then you have come to the right place at HBS Solutions! Our years of experience in PTFE and TAKECOAT-coated parts and Engineered parts makes HBS Solutions the suitable manufacturer for your project in Israel. The wishes of the client are always our first priority.

HBS is a leading international manufacturer of fasteners for energy equipment such as oil and gas refining and manufacturing, chemicals, and renewable energy. HBS supplies PTFE and TAKECOAT-coated parts and Engineered parts according to DIN/ISO/ASTM/ASME.

Our expertise helps build a sustainable energy future. Leading the way in manufacturing fasteners for OEMs who contribute to the production of low-carbon sources like wind, biofuels, and hydrogen. Are you eager to know what HBS Solutions can mean for your company in Israel with regards to coated fasteners? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities

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