Gaskets seals for TUBETECH

Gasket seals for a well-known builder of heat exchangers in Germany

Customer’s challenge

TUBETECH GmbH is an equipment manufacturer from Germany. They offer high-quality production of air-cooled heat exchangers. TUBETECH GmbH products are individually adapted to customer requirements. Unit weights up to max. 100 tons, with widths up to 4 meters and lengths up to 20 meters can be produced.

The parent company of TUBETECH GmbH is OELTECHNIK mbH and employs about 150 people nowadays. High product quality and reliability, complemented by a high degree of long-standing experience, characterize the efficient project management of OELTECHNIK mbH. 

TUBETECH GmbH had a problem with a large number of Air-cooled heat exchangers. The bundle of the Air-cooled heat exchangers was leaking. At the top of the Air-cooled heat exchanger there is a tube system which is sealed with rings. When pressure was applied to these tubes, they started to leak. This was a major issue which prevented TUBETECH GmbH from delivering the Air-cooled heat exchangers to their customer. 


Gaskets seals for TUBETECH

The sales process

TUBETECH was looking for a longterm solution to protect their Air-cooled heat exchangers from leaking when pressure was applied to these tubes. TUBETECH started their search for a solution online and came across our website. They then called us and explained the situation. Because of our years of experience, we knew what was going on and advised them. We informed them where the problem originated and how they could solve it.

Gaskets seals for TUBETECH

The solution from HBS Solutions

Within HBS Solutions we have years of experience working with a wide range of client challenges. This allowed us to advise TUBETECH with its specific challenges on the best suitable solution. Within HBS Solutions, we set up the process for the client in such a way that resources are always put in place that deliver the intended result at the lowest possible price. The hardness of the gaskets was greater than the hardness of the plugs of the air-cooled heat exchanger, so they did not seal properly. To ensure that the tubes would not leak when pressure build up, it was necessary to use different gaskets. At high pressure there was a space between the gaskets and the plugs causing the Air-cooled heat exchangers to leak. We ensured that the customer received the correct gaskets with a lower hardness. These gaskets with a lower hardness ensured that the bundle of tubes at the top of the heat exchanger could handle the high pressure. This is because the gaskets now could seal properly. 

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About the client

TUBETECH GmbH was founded in 2001 and currently employs approximately 85 employees. TUBETECH GmbH is a medium-sized company with headquarters in Plauen in Germany. They are specialized in high-quality equipment and machinery. All of their products are made in Germany. TUBETECH products are used in refineries, the chemical industry and in power plant construction.

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