What are gasket seals and how can you use it?

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Gasket seals are innovative seals that, among other things, ensure that leaks between two surfaces are prevented. This blog will guide you through the basics of gasket seals and will highlight both how they work and why they are used.

What are gasket seals?

Gaskets seal a connection between two components or flanges that have flat surfaces. They can also be used between engine parts, pumps, and shafts that rotate. Gaskets are used wherever a union or flange is required to prevent leaking. Gaskets are most commonly used as static seals. Our gasket seals are made of materials such as Monel, Stainless Steel or Soft Iron.

What are gasket seals used for?

A gasket is a flexible spacer that sits between two mating components. Gaskets are typically used to create a seal. They are made of a more flexible material that the components, allowing the gasket to fill any gaps due to surface imperfections. Gaskets may also be used to prevent vibration between components.

The primary purpose of most gaskets is as a seal, preventing ingress or escape of fluids. However, many gaskets also function as a safety pressure release. For example, it may be a vital function of a pipe gasket that if pressure builds up the gasket will fail before the pipe bursts.

Depending on the conditions and required sealing, each process requires a gasket sealing material with different properties either by the type of fluid contact (Alkaline, oxidizing, viscous, acid etc.), temperature, pressure or vacuum and linear velocity of the point to be sealed if it is to make a dynamic seal.

Common Gasket Uses

One of the most common industrial uses of a gasket is acting as a seal for joining two water pipes. You can also find gaskets used to seal boilers and fuel tanks. In all cases the gasket prevents leakage of liquids and gases between the component parts.

What are the benefits of using gasket seals?

Gaskets are common in many different industries including oil & gas, renewables & hydrogen, or petrochemical. There are many benefits of using gaskets.

1. Prevent leakages

One of the main benefits of using a gasket is to prevent leakages. With a gasket in place, you’ll stop leakages between the interjoining surfaces. A gasket essentially fills a gap between two different facets. It links machine components, to reduce unwanted friction. Gaskets prevent the wear down of machines, ensuring that they can be used safely.

2. Avoid corrosion

Products like pipe flanges are prone to corrosion over time. If you do not use a gasket to join the flanges, the joints will corrode and break. Many different types of gaskets will prevent corrosion including spiral wound gaskets.

3. Withstand high temperatures

Gaskets are used in many different industries including petrochemical, water and gas, and pharmaceuticals. These industries rely on components that are chemical resistant and can withstand high temperatures. For example, the High-Temperature Gasket can handle temperatures of up to 1000°C. One of the key benefits of HT gaskets is that they are more eco-friendly.

4. Safety

Gaskets provide important safety functions. The gasket is designed to respond to any build-up of pressure. Without this function, you could end up with a burst pipe or even an explosion. It’s important to choose the right gasket for the right machinery. Your gasket supplier will be able to offer more info.

5. Multiple uses

Gaskets aren’t just useful for sealing, they also have a variety of other uses. For instance, gaskets can be used for noise reduction, packaging, or anti-vibration. With such versatility, gaskets can support many different operations.

Gaskets are used across many different industries and suitable for many types of machinery. The gasket that you use will depend on your application and the capabilities that you require.

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