The rise of PTFE coating

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PTFE coating is also known as Polytetrafluoroethylene. It is a chemical compound discovered by accident in 1938 by Roy Plunkett. He soon discovered that polymer is highly resistant to highly corrosive substances such as hydrochloric acid. When he was sent away to another department, PTFE was sent to a research facility at Dupont. Here PTFE was experimented with for the first time and Teflon was born. 

PTFE in today’s world

PTFE coating today is known for its many special properties. For example, PTFE coating is extremely resistant to heat and cold. PTFE coating can be used from -190° C to 260° C. In addition, it does not absorb water. This makes PTFE suitable for marine operations and for protecting various fasteners and high-pressure parts since it can withstand extreme conditions. We from HBS Solutions specialize in supplying these critical high-pressure parts for offshore, highly corrosive and abrasive environments. 
There are a variety of PTFE Xylan coatings. Each has its own physical and mechanical properties. Below we discuss the three most frequently used PTFE Xylan coatings. 

PTFE coating Xylan 1424

Xylan 1424 is a fluoropolymer coating system, which is very environmentally friendly. Xylan 1424 is specially designed for its excellent protection against wear and corrosion. This makes Xylan 1424 very suitable for extreme weather conditions. This coating system can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 175°C. Xylan 1424 is additionally recognizable by its blue colour. At HBS solutions, we can provide our coatings in almost any colour if requested. PTFE coating Xylan 1424 is mainly used for at drilling sites and waterworks to protect equipment from the force of water and the heat of the sun. 

PTFE coating Xylan 1070

Xylan 1070 is an organic solvent that, like Xylan 1424, provides excellent protection against corrosion. However, Xylan 1070 has much better heat resistance than Xylan 1424. Xylan 1070 can be used at temperatures between -195°C to 260°C. This makes this PTFE coating very suitable for leak prevention in tanks and chemical vessels, among others.   

PTFE coating 1052

Xylan 1052, like Xylan 1070, is an organic solvent. It has a higher carrying capacity unlike other Xylan coatings.  In addition, it is known for its fantastic heat resistance. With a heat resistance of up to 288°C, it is one of the most powerful PTFE Coatings. 

HBS Solutions will find the right PTFE coating for your project

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