The cleaning process of Semicon fasteners

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Semiconductors are key components in the computer chips that help power every electronic product from smartphones, cars, computers to washing machines. There is a lot of demand for Semicon products, but little supply. Due to little supply, the delivery times are very long. Stainless Steels are the most common choice for vacuum fasteners. We use Stainless Steel and titanium parts for our product. But in order to get these properly usable products, the parts must receive an EPK-treatment and a 2nd or 4th grade cleaning. But what does this all mean? 

What is an EPK-treatment in the Semicon Industry

We break the EPK-treatment in half so we can explain it better. 
  • - Ep) Electropolishing = Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that removes a thin layer of material from a metal part, usually stainless steel. The process leaves a shiny, smooth, ultra-clean surface finish. Electropolishing stainless steel has several important additional advantages. The iron in the surface dissolves much faster than the nickel. As a result, nickel is enriched in the surface layer and the stainless steel becomes even more corrosion resistant. Also, any contaminants from the surface are dissolved and the surface becomes extremely passive.
  • - (k) Kolsterising = Kolsterising is a technique that greatly improves the wear resistance of austenitic and duplex stainless steel. A technique in which the corrosion resistance of the steel is maintained. 

How do we clean are products for the cleanroom

Due to the EPK treatment, the bolts are relatively cleaner and stronger, so that they can be turned in and out without more damage. After the EPk treatment, the parts are cleaned with a Grade 2 or Grade 4 and vacuum packed. This is all done so that the products are ready for the cleanroom.
  • - Grade 2 cleaning = Class 2 Cleanroom is the second classification type of the ISO 14644-1 classification standard. A Cleanroom Grade 2 removes more than just dust particles and (visible) pollution. Invisible pollution or molecular level and static electricity are also removed thanks to the cleanroom. After a complete and professional cleaning, your high-tech surfaces meet all standards.
  • -Grade 4 cleaning: Class 4 Cleanroom is the fourth classification type of the ISO 14644-1 classification standard. By means of a cleanroom, high-tech products are optimally cleaned. This ensures, among other things, a longer lifespan of the products and lower maintenance costs.
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